IDM Scan

The most advanced software for document scanning

IDM Scan - a handy tool for those who use the scanner images. It allows you to make the scanning process simple and intuitive, as opposed to programs that come with scanners. The program also allows you to structure your images from a scanner, using simple tools to create the directory structure. The images are easily exported to e-mail, files, including PDF and TIFF multipage. IDM Scan allows you to easy find the scanned image. The base image can be placed on the server LAN. Also, you can place the necessary presets for scan and create directories on the Internet and centrally update them.

               Key features of IDM Scan:

  • Intuitively, a simple scanning of documents
  • Easy create preset buttons for scanning 
  • Quick Search 
  • Automatic creation of folders for the images
  • Create the required directory structure with one click 
  • Control of the required number of scanned documents 
  • Easy export of images
  • Support drag and drop images from IDM Scan 
  • Search and access to the images on a local network